All of a sudden, there it was – that moment. Me and PJ had our weekly meeting on Sunday (it is as awkward as it sounds, to have a professional meeting at the kitchen table with your prince charming) and we were planning 2016. And then I launched the bold idea to tackle 99 old transport carts, by myself, in one year. I called it ‘the crazy cart project’.

How did that happen, you ask me.
Well, once upon a time PJ came home with 99 industrial carts loaded in his van. PJ is my partner in crime, my prince charming, my knight in shining armor and most of all, wonderful father of my fantastic son. Last year, he started BOLD, an online shop of vintage industrial antiques. He hunts down forgotten items from forgotten places all across Europe.

our industrial carts stored in the old piggery
our industrial carts stored in the old piggery

PJ saved the carts from the scrapyard. They originally belonged to a textile print factory in Kortrijk. For decades the carts transported goods throughout the factory. The iron frames were weathered, but intact. The wooden tops were lost. We had no idea what to do with all those transport carts, so we stored them in the old piggery of PJ’s grandparents. Up until now. Now, one by one the carts will get a new destiny. And who knows, maybe one day they will shine in your home.

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