Let’s start upcycling industrial carts! I have more than one idea wandering in the back of my head. But for this very first cart I want to do something with concrete. That was the first idea that popped into my mind when I saw the carts back in March last year. I love concrete as material for interior decoration. It is hard as rock while the grey-bluish colour gives it a soft, almost melancholic edge. It is one of the easiest ways to achieve an industrial look. Many designers use concrete in unexpected and unusual ways and it would seem that there is nothing that can’t be made using this versatile material. Chairs, tables, tiles, lighting and even jewellery, … have undergone concrete transformations. So, use concrete. That is decision 1. In my next post I will think about the ‘how’.

Now I have got to think about WHAT to make. There are many possibilities, but maybe I better stick to the basics for this first creation. The most obvious application for my transport carts is the side table. It is simple and straightforward. So, create a side table. That is decision 2.
There is one (only one?) practical problem. The cart in itself is a little low to be used as side table. It might be slightly inconvenient to put down your glass on a table of just 18cm high from your comfortable couch. These are the solutions I am thinking of:

  • I could remove the wheels and put higher legs under the cart. But I don’t want that. It would dishonour the root of the cart.
  • I could make a really thick top in order to raise the table.
  • Or I could create a two-layered table: an undercarriage and a table top, with four little pillars in between. I think I like this last option. And hey, it creates a very handy magazine rack.

Next step is to make a real design. I don’t have much talent for drawing, one could say my 2-year old son is better skilled, but let’s give a try anyway.

So, that is the idea! Phase one is completed. Next steps are ‘research’ and ‘consult the experts’ to figure out the practical side. We meet again in 7 days …

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