Research-day for cart number 1. As I said in my previous post, I want to make a concrete tabletop. Now I have to do some research about HOW to do that. I simply started googling ‘DIY concrete table top’. And I found numerous valuable search results. Looks like I have many predecessors! The hardest part was not to eye at all the other fun ideas (like an easy-to-make concrete lamp or copper-concrete rack).

Focus! This is the basic step-by-step plan I figured out:

  • Buy a mix for concrete and material to make a mold
  • Construct a mold
  • Pour in the concrete. It needs to dry for a day or 7 and should be finished with some kind of polish or sealer to avoid stains etc.

Here are some lessons learnt from others:

  • Lubricate the edges of the mold with rapeseed or olive oil, so the wooden surface doesn’t stick to the concrete.
  • Caulk the inside corners to seal the form and create rounded edges on the tabletop. Use colored silicone caulk, which will show up well against the white melamine. That way, you can easily spot and clean off smudges. Keep in mind that every tiny imperfection on the form will show up on the finished tabletop.
  • Pay attention to the product’s mixing instructions, especially the recommended amount of water. An extra cup of water can make the mix too thin.
  • Use metal wire to add strength to the concrete table top.
  • A melamine mold ensures a smooth look & can be easily removed without adhering to the concrete.

There is one issue I haven’t solved yet: how to make and assemble legs? There are 2 possible material choices I see. I can use steel and weld the legs to the cart. Or I can use concrete. In both cases, I have no idea how to fix them to the table top. Let’s ask the experts next week. My uncle is a bricklayer, he knows everything about concrete. And my friend’s husband is a first class welder. Uncle Nico and Wim, here I come – be prepared for some stupid questions!





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