I had a crazy busy week at work and our little son was feverish for a few days. And a new season of Grey’s Anatomy started this week ☺. It condones a little why I am blogging today instead of Wednesday. No worries yet, the end date of the cart 1 phase is not at risk.

Last Wednesday I did meet expert Wim, a top-class welder. I asked advice on how to fix the legs to my concrete side table. It was wonderful to see how one can be so dedicated to his profession. He just kept on drawing new possibilities on an envelope. And he did it in all kinds of views to try to explain to a total twit like me. Learnt a lot about some technical stuff too. Now I know what a ‘tiezje’ and a ‘zwee’ are. If I want I can impress any craftsman in my region now (tiezje and zwee is the local slang among craftsmen: a ‘zwee’ is an angular ficture; a ‘tiezje’ originates from the French ‘tige filetée’ and means ‘threaded pin’).

My idea to simply weld a pin to the cart was quickly discarded by Wim. There is too big a risk that the concrete table top will crack as we need to drill a hole so close to the corner. Luckily Wim knew a few other possibilities for my concrete side table. I finally choose one: the ‘zwee’. It will blend in nicely with the construction of the cart itself, it is durable and allows different heights (ideally, a side table has the same height as your couch, and no couch is alike of course – although I personally like my side table a little lower). So four ‘zwees’ will be welded in the four corners of the cart. And at the top end of every ‘zwee’ a little square platform will hold the concrete table top. Sounds like a solid plan to me! Thank you Wim for your excellent advice!

(For my prototype I will add a zwee of 20 cm to the cart with a height of +/- 10 cm . Our couch is 35 cm high.)

2016-02-20 14.23.26
Sketching at the kitchen table – me and Wim
upcycling a vintage industrial side table
Wim drawing options for my concrete side table on an envelope
Upcycling of a vintage industrial sidetable - drawing
My drawing of the table with ‘zwees’

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