We are on a roll! Tonight I have called my uncle Nico as well. A celebrity in my home town and a top-notch builder. He knows everything about concrete.

I had 3 questions:

  • what kind of concrete mixture do I buy? Can I just go to the hardware store and buy something?
    • uncle Nico’s answer: do NOT just buy anything. You will need “fine granulate p42.5” 
    • me: urggh?
  • how thick do I make the concrete table top so it won’t crack, if someone would try to sit on it e.g.?
    • uncle Nico’s answer: you have to reinforce the concrete with a steel net. The concrete needs to be trembled as well. And do take into account that concrete weighs 2.4 tonne per m³
  • do you have tips for my mold?
    • uncle Nico’s answer: bring it to me, I will take a look at it
    • me: you are the best!

What an instructive telephone call. But I suddenly worried about the weight of the table top. I made a little calculation:

  • according to the cart’s measurements and a table top of  5 cm, the table top is 0,04m³ –> with uncle Nico’s information, my cart would weigh 96kg + 30. That is a lot!
  • recalculating, I think a top of 3 cm is more realistic –> 57kg + 30. And that might be just perfect because the height of the steel frame is exactly 3cm as well. All the pieces fall into place …

But it reminds me to ask Wim whether my ‘zwee’ can hold a 60kg table top! I will keep you posted.








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