Oh help! My blog and this project is not going according to plan. It has been more than a month since I had time to work on it. It is not that we have been doing nothing. Suddenly there was the opportunity to decorate a shop window in the central mall of Kortrijk. So all our focus was on finding the right partners, design the setting, papering the back wall, hanging lights, transport our products, … It was hard work for two long weeks, with much appreciated help of friends and family. But we are so proud of the result!

The BOLD shop window from the outside
Shop window from the outside
Our shop window from the inside
Our shop window from the inside!

Immediately after, Pieter-Jan set course to the East – hunting for new treasures. For 3 weeks, he was travelling through the puszta, visiting old factories, flea markets, … Meanwhile I was ‘acting manager’, making sure emails were answered, goods delivered, invoices paid. Pieter-Jan came back with a fully loaded van: industrial lockers, a soviet folding table, iron stools, verner panthon chairs, solid wooden tables, vintage chairs, taxidermy, crazy curiosities and much more. And! I got a beautiful concrete ring with matching earrings, as a tribute to this project. On top of, he gave me a copper bracelet with again matching earrings, our BOLD colour. Like I told you, my prince charming! He found this beautiful jewellery in Budapest, the grand and vibrant capital of Hungary. Believe me, Budapest is the new Berlin!

My copper and concrete jewellery - a gift for being 3 weeks 'acting manager'
My copper and concrete jewellery – a gift for being 3 weeks ‘acting manager’

And now, now Spring is in the air. My energy boosts, ideas float and my fingers are itching to relaunch my project. Soon, you will be hearing from me!

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