This weekend I made the mold for my concrete table top. I bought the kinda melamine board in the local DIY-shop (Brico Plan-It) and I was glad to learn they have a sawing service. And our neighbour-carpenter gave me some extra wood blocks I forgot to buy myself. With a little help from my friends …

And then it was finally time for taking the exact measures (so I knew where exactly to fix the slats), screwing (and screwing up the blade tip), add silicone and cleaning up.

I cleaned the cart a bit too – the corners were filled with little textile parts (as they stem from a textile print factory). And there I doubted a bit. Do I clean the cart thoroughly or do I keep some left-over fluff? It makes the cart authentic and shows its roots, but at the same time it IS dirt. What do you think? If you’d buy the cart for your house, would you prefer an all-clean cart (albeit a bit rusty) or would you fall in love with the last pink-green-blue remains of the textile factory? Let me know!


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