This week I went up and down to the Van Marcke Technics shop, the place to be for the professional plumber. And with every visit, the design of my copper clothing rack got refined.


Armoured with my rough first sketch, I asked what kind of copper tube I would need and whether they had the right fittings (a Y-shape and 90° cornered).


And soon I learned that a 22mm diameter red copper tube would do the job, that the ‘pressure fittings’ are the prettiest and that a Y-shape does NOT exist (and actually I needed a Y-shape combined with a Te). There was a choice to make: do I weld the different parts together or do I adjust my design in order to match the available fittings?

I chose the latter.


When I saw the Bettelux Shape bath at work, I knew what I had to do. A copper clothing rack with the shape of a simple square, that would do it. All I needed was one specific fitting and I could do the assembling all by myself. So back to the shop.



Quick and easy with this kind of fitting:


But in the store they told my that the fitting I needed to realise this design does NOT exist in copper. I really do not have much more than a 90°, a Te and 45°. I took home one of each so I could puzzle my solution together.


Found it! I will combine a Te and a 90°. As the upper tubes will move inside a bit, it won’t be the very tight & straight design anymore but even more convenient to use. And while I was designing and playing around the possibilities, I added a great feature: why not have a light bulb in the middle?

I think I am ready for the execution phase!!

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